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"Sadly enough, there is a kind of anti-intellectualism among many Christians. ... [It] cuts away at the very heart of the Christian message."

- Francis Schaeffer

God or No God?

God or No God?The "God or No God?" debate featured famed atheist Christopher Hitchens and Larry Taunton, Executive Director of Fixed Point Foundation. The two men went head-to-head on October 19th in Billings, Montana.  The question debated: Is it preferable to live in a Christian or an atheistic society? Read about the debate in The Billings Gazette and KULR-8.




Christopher HitchensChristopher Hitchens was an atheist and polemicist best known for his controversial book, God is Not Great: How Religion Poisons Everything, and, more recently, for his memoir, Hitch 22.  Hitchens was a columnist for The Atlantic, Slate, and Vanity Fair, and debated his views around the English-speaking world.

Larry TauntonLarry Taunton is Executive Director of Fixed Point Foundation, a Christian non-profit dedicated to the public defense of Christianity.  He is Executive Producer of the films Science and the God Question, The God Delusion Debate, and Can Atheism Save Europe? He has chaired a number of high-level debates and symposia on issues of faith and culture at institutions ranging from the University of Alabama to Oxford University.  His first book is The Grace Effect.

Curious to many is the fact that Hitchens and Taunton were friends.  They have debated one another privately on numerous occasions.  Prior to this debate, they drove together through the Shenandoah Valley discussing John's Gospel.  This occasion marked their first public encounter.  The day following the "God or No God?" debate, the two men drove through Yellowstone National Park, continuing their discussion - click here to watch a video of their trip.


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