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The Grace Effect

a remarkable story of redemption by larry taunton

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"It appears Mr. Taunton has hit a nerve here. Judging by the level of hate expressed in these comments, you'd think he was a BP exec or an Israeli commando. Sheesh!"

- Comment in
The Birmingham News Online

A Comparison of Islam & Christianity

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Join us for our next Latimer House Luncheon in Birmingham, AL on June 15th with Larry Taunton. Limited seating; reservation required. Click here to reserve. Sponsored by Summer Classics.

The Al Jazeera Debate

Al Jazeera Debate

Fixed Point's Larry Taunton represented the Christian view in a debate with atheist Dan Dennett & Muslim Imam Zaid Shakir on Al Jazeera on Sunday, May 17th for the launch of Third Rail, a new current affairs program hosted by Imran Garda. Al Jazeera's global reach is 260 million. We'll post a link to the debate video as soon as Al Jazeera makes it available.

The Fixed Point Podcast

The Fixed Point PodcastNeed some on-the-go, thought-provoking listening that addresses the complex questions of modern life? The Fixed Point Podcast does just that.

Follow columnist, author, and cultural commentator Larry Taunton down the trails of his mind into the world of ideas. Whatever the topic, it’s always worth munching on.

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The Fixed Point Fix

The FixWelcome to The Fixed Point Fix: a central hub for relevant news, video, audio, articles, and more curated by Larry Taunton and the Fixed Point Foundation staff.

Since 2011, the Fix has been a resource for thought-provoking content to help you understand how sacred and secular meet.  While remaining unashamed of Christianity, we aim the Fix at a public audience.  Our goal is to facilitate conversations about eternal things through secular portals that point people to the hope of Christ.  Stop by, get your fix, and start a meaningful conversation.

Free Debate Study Guides

Study Guides The God Delusion Debate Study Guide <  click to download
God on Trial Study Guide <  click to download
Can Atheism Save Europe? Study Guide <  click to download
Has Science Buried God? Study Guide <  click to download
Is God Great? Study Guide <  click to download
God or No God? Study Guide <  click to download
Science and the God Question Study Guide <  click to download

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From the Fix

The Shermer-Taunton Radio Debate

Larry Taunton of Fixed Point Foundation and atheist Michael Shermer of Skeptic Magazine engage in a lively debate on Pittsburgh's WORD FM, turning a critical eye to some of the claims of Shermer's new book The Moral...

Islam, Christianity, & the Persecuted Church

Fixed Point’s Executive Director Larry Taunton preaches at Shades Mountain Baptist Church on the tensions between the Christian faith and Islam.

Rise of the "Nones"

Recent reports from the Pew Research Center have caused a stir for showing that the percentage of Christians in America is in decline while the percentage of those who don't identify with any organized religion - the...